What if I told you that action is NOT the way to be successful? What if I told you that it is possible to be more successful, just by thinking about it? That’s exactly what today’s Everyday Innovator guest, Dana Wilde, has proven in her experience and what’s more — she has the science and evidence behind how and why her method works. Dana is the bestselling author of Train Your Brain, CEO of The Mind Aware, speaker and radio host. Dana shares how she realized what the Reticular Activating System (RAS) has to do with your mindset. We talk through the “peacock feather” exercise, and Dana’s simple mantra to get started on changing your mindset. If you think that positive affirmations don’t work, Dana explains how the simple word ‘BUT’ can reframe your perceptions. She breaks down the four-step process to get out of a negative state of mind and help yourself feel good and gives us a simple strategy for dealing with other people. Remember, every thought is making the case for us or against us.

Dana’s Everyday Innovator style: Instinctual Risk Taker

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