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Powerful Themes to Include When Creating Your Innovation Rockstar Plan

Host Tamara Kleinberg pulls out the top insights from her dozens of 2017 interviews with leading innovators. Innovation strategy that includes — embrace change, get emotional, question everything, seek conflict, experiment, learn the language. To close out the year, Tamara digs into all of these key innovation insights on Inside LaunchStreet.

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Key Takeaways:

[2:13] Tamara reflects back on some of the highlights from 2017.

[3:31] The first theme Tamara picked out from the 2017 podcasts was that it’s time to stop fearing change; it’s time to turn our mindset to embracing change. It’s not one big massive disruption; the change today is just a constant hit on micro disruption. We must embrace change as our most leverageable asset.

[6:50] The second theme Tamara reflects back on is emotions. Tamara shares a personal experience of how Lululemon’s recent change of shopping bag wording made a powerful emotional impact on her friend. We, as human beings, constantly make emotional decisions. Yet, when it comes to work, often we’re told to leave our emotions at the door. Clients and customers are shopping based on emotional experiences. When we strip away emotions, we strip away creativity and innovation.

[9:52] Tamara challenges listeners to pause and examine if you are stripping away emotions from the workplace. She believes that adding emotions will bring more innovation.

[11:42] Tamara discusses the importance of questioning EVERYTHING. Our ideas, our decisions, our rules, our outcomes. Value the people around you that are really good at questioning. Get introduced to the “yes, butters” and find out about how they benefit our ideas.

[14:57] Listen in to find out how conflict is good. What is the job of the tenth man mindset? Tamara shares a trick — the stage must be set for constructive conflict. Tamara explores constructive conflict in one of her ondemand training videos. Focus on debating ideas, not each other. Tamara challenges listeners to go out and engage in some conflict.

[18:05] Build a culture of experimentation, not presentation. Why are innovative ideas the first to get shut down on paper? Tamara shares how Tough Mudder’s initial business plan failure launched him into global domination of extreme sports. Experiment first. Find one customer, build one mock marketing page. This will help you see the brilliance, viability, and holes. When you present results, you have proof of your validity. Experimentation provides momentum for your ideas.

[23:40] The last theme Tamara shares is the importance of having a lot of ideas. In quantity, you’ll find quality. Learn how to speak the language of innovation. Once you have done your experiment, learn how to present ideas in a way that gets them on board.

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