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Are Your Body Language Cues Going to Help or Hinder Success?


Traci Brown is the body language and persuasion expert. She’s continually asked for her expert advice, uncovering hidden secrets hiding in plain site, on NBC, CBS and Fox. Traci is a Three Time US Collegiate Cycling Champion and former member of Team USA. She is a sought-after keynote speaker and the author of four books. We chat about how to master your own body language for persuasion, and how to recognize the nonverbal cues people are giving you, regardless of what they are saying.

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Key Takeaways:

[1:55] The first key in using and understanding your body language is to open your eyes and pay attention.

[2:33] Traci began winning cycling races when she figured out that by watching her competition, watch for a drop in the shoulder, hitch in the pedal, she was able to predict their next move. Mental training also was a big part to her success. This success launched her into counseling clients and finally into keynote speaking.

[5:34] In business, you should always be looking to understand how others are perceiving you. You have to pay attention. Is the big decision maker looking at you? Are they leaning forward? Are they nodding yes? Are their arms crossed in front? The mind will follow the body. Be strategic in changing their body position.

[10:28] Traci shares her personal experience at the National Speakers Association Conference pitching to the Shark Tank panel. How did watching Kevin’s body language help Traci to get him to bite at her business proposal? Find out some tips to take control of your own physiology.

[16:43] Find out what Lance Armstrong, Chris Christie, and Vladimir Putin have in common. How do you address the body language of sharks?

[18:07] Why are tiny solutions so important? The more expensive of a problem you solve, the more people will pay for the tiny solution.

[22:50] What unconscious tells do we give that we don’t even know about? The body can’t lie. While making  your sales pitch, are you shrugging your shoulders or nodding your head back and forth?

[25:49] Tamara tells her experience about a recent meeting in which body language counteracted the sales message. Traci tells why It’s important to pull more information out, so that you can gather all of the needed valuable information. We make our decisions by how the other person makes us feel.

[28:24] Is a shark the magic bullet? Who are the sharks in our lives?

[29:07] Traci and Tamara let us in on some body language tips while on stage: First, stand up straight. Second, don’t sidestep across the stage. Third, Don’t shimmy (grapevine) on the stage. Fourth, share negativity in the past and positivity in the future.

[34:00] The single most important thing to persuade is that you pay attention. We must be flexible in our communication, so that the receiver receives the intended message. Tamara shares that we need to call out the behavior that we see.

Watch Traci’s 21 day language body makeover tips on YouTube.

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