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Change creates new problems to solve and new opportunities to go after. In fact, the businesses that are surviving and thriving in this pandemic landscape are the ones that have turned the obstacles and uncertainty they have faced into a competitive advantage and new opportunities. Here are two ways you can use this to your advantage.

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1) Jump the curve: Every business has a business life cycle curve and it typically moves from start to acceleration to success to decline. 2020 has thrown most of us a curveball and brought our businesses to a sudden cliff. I explain why in order to win in an uncertain marketplace and find the new opportunities that are going to move you forward into 2021 and the future, you need to stop focusing on moving up the curve you’re on and jump the curve. How do you do this? Stop focusing on the how or what you do, and innovate off of the benefit you provide.

2) Solve your customers’ new needs: Rapid change and disruption create new problems to solve. Solving them for your customers not only keeps you relevant but also helps you unlock new opportunities. I have some brilliant examples of how businesses have adapted and evolved to solve new problems their customers were having, and an exercise that you can do to bring this strategy to your world.


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