Turn Frustration into Innovation with Everyday Innovator Savanna Givens

Everyday Innovators Savanna Givens

Do you ever find yourself saying, “there must be a better way,” under your breath? Is there a process or task at work that makes you frustrated because it’s inefficient or unnecessary? If you nodded yes, then this is the episode for you. Hear how Everyday Innovator Savanna Givens decided to take one of her biggest frustrations and turn it into a moment of powerful innovation. In this episode, she shares with me what led to her idea and how she got buy-in from leadership. As you’ll hear, the solution saved the organization a lot of time and money. And, Savanna shares some great insights around how to think about feedback, even the negative stuff! Lots of insights in this one! 

Savanna’s Everyday Innovator style is Inquisitive Risk Taker. You’ll hear this side of her as she talks about how to turn her idea into reality. 


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