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None of us achieve our goals alone. We need support, help, and people that push us forward. Our Everyday Innovator guests today, Emilia D’Anzica and Sabina Pons, don’t just work together, they’ve created a connection of trust and support that helps them both go further, faster. As the authors of Pressing on as a Tech Mom and Managing Director and Operating Partner of the technology consultancy, Growth Molecules, they know first-hand how a partnership is more than one plus one equals two. In their experience, one plus one equals exponential growth. They also talk about how to overcome the fears that hold you back and how the biggest obstacles they faced in their lives became their biggest motivators – even when everyone around them told them they couldn’t do it (actually that just motivated them more). Sabina and Emilia also talk about what they’ve learned about themselves in working with each other, and how learning that has helped them grow into their best selves, together. They also give some great advice about creating the time to “go for it” and “trusting your gut.” 




Emilia’s Everyday Innovator style: Tweaker Risk Taker
Sabina’s Everyday Innovator style: Instinctual Collaborative

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