Dave Scott Everyday Innovator With Tamara Ghandour Podcast What do the Ironman Triathlon and life have in common? A lot, it turns out, and there are so many lessons we can take away from the Ironman competition that also apply to life. When I decided to try my hand at the Ironman Triathlon, all my research led to Dave Scott, six-time Champion of Ironman Hawaii who is the Ironman Hall of Fame. Dave started doing triathlons in 1976, and first competed in Ironman Hawaii in 1978. He won six times in the ’80s, came in 2nd thrice as well, and finally ended his Ironman career in 1996.

The Ironman Triathlon is not a short race — it takes stamina and mental fortitude, in addition to physical strength and conditioning to complete it, much less win. To me, this is a great analogy for life — which is why Dave’s lessons from his experiences with the Ironman Triathlon are so relevant. Dave and I discuss why we need more than motivation to do something tough and he shares some of his strategies for getting over the fear of failure (hint: Recognize that it’s mostly in your head!). We also explore why changing your perspective on obstacles is key to tackling them — and how Dave does it, as well as how to avoid letting external conditions dictate how you behave and perform. Dave also has some insights on the importance of being spontaneous, and why worrying about things that haven’t even happened yet can be a huge hindrance.

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