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Everyone Can Wear A Unique Superhero Mask and Cape

Do you ever think to yourself, “I wish I had a super cool super talent” like an athlete or a celebrity? I know I’ve thought that too. Envy sets in and I start to feel inadequate. And that’s why I had Mark Henson, author of Ordinary Superpowers, lifelong entrepreneur and the founder of Sparkspace — a unique and exceptional business retreat center in Columbus, Ohio — onto Inside LaunchStreet. He broke down the “only special people” have superpowers myth. In fact, he’ll help you understand how to unlock your Ordinary Superpower. Why ordinary? Because it’s probably something you do every single day. In fact, it’s so hardwired into you that you may not even see it. He also will help you understand how unlocking your Ordinary Superpowers equals having a greater impact on what matters to you, the people around you. He also shares how the badge of being busy is sucking success out from under you and why living to your Ordinary Superpowers gives you a super-ordinary life.


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Key Takeaways:

[2:41] You might be surprised to know that Mark spun the tunes as a local radio DJ.

[3:40] Why did Mark title his book, Ordinary Superpowers: Unleash the Full Potential of Your Most Natural Talents? Why do we often overlook our own superpowers? To us, they just feel ordinary things like talents, abilities, and skills that allow us to help the most people.

[6:20] Mark shares his ordinary superpowers: exploring new things, simplifying things, communicating through writing and speaking, and including the unincluded.

[6:52] Listen in to find out how you discover your superpowers.

[9:04] How does identifying your superpowers change how you act day to day?

[10:47] Put your first and best efforts into the work that best fits your superpowers. Focus on the things that you have the greatest impact on. Mark shares a personal experience about domestic duties in his household. We often get into habits and don’t think to ask someone else to help out for a while.

[13:58] Mark and Tamara talk about how being busy has become a badge of honor. It leads to the monkey mind thing. The hardest thing is just to sit and ‘be.’

[16:41] Why do we get out of alignment? We have been taught what success looks like. But, often, the path doesn’t align with what our superpowers usually are. Mark shares an experience about advancing with a previous job. His advancement didn’t allow him to use his superpowers, and he was miserable.

[19:22] Superpowers are as vast as there are people in the world. Your superpowers are yours and yours alone. They are like your fingerprint. Some are unique powers like extreme organization, empathy, seeing unmet needs and acting. Tamara identifies her superpowers as being able to see opportunities, communication, seeing things differently, and simplification.

[21:37] There’s a four-part test outlined in Mark’s book that can help you determine if you have identified your unique superpowers. Does it come naturally to you? Do you have an elevated skill or talent above the circle you spend time with? Does it have a positive influence on other people in some way? Does using that power give you energy back?

[24:25] Tamara challenges listeners to buy Ordinary Superpowers, and identify what things people see as your strengths. A good way to identify your potential superpowers is to watch for areas that people ask for help.

[25:23] There’s a chapter in the book titled, “Understanding Your Default Operating System.” Mark shares that the operating system is the underlying system that keeps everything running. Mark thinks that our superpowers are the system that happens by default. Learn how there’s both a light and dark side to superpowers.

[30:19] How does tapping into your superpowers help you lead a superpowered life? It’s all about being authentic to who you are. The first step is to identify your own ordinary superpowers.

[32:15] Does everyone out there have ordinary superpowers?

[34:01] Mark shares that when you identify your authentic self, pure creativity can come out. Tamara reminds us that innovation isn’t about the outcome, it’s about the process. Mark took the IQE Assessment and his archetype is a risk taker imaginative. This helped him to start a successful business. He has reentered his risk-taking arena and continues to fill in the gaps.

[38:10] Tamara reminds listeners that you don’t have to be an ideal fit for everybody. She talks about the perspective of putting your heart and soul into creating something and compares it to the Hollywood movie making business. Tamra and Mark discuss putting your best efforts into making what makes you happy.

[40:55] Connect with Mark here, on Facebook or at A Superpowered Life.

[41:33] Mark challenges listeners to read the poem, Our deepest fear, by Maryanne Williamson. “It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.” He believes that you will have the biggest impact by being 100 percent YOU!


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