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A podcast about questions, not the answers.

What drives innovation is often not the answers, but the questions we ask. These are not the questions that you’ve always been asking or the questions that keep you stuck, causing endless frustration. The questions that drive innovation are Beautiful Questions — questions that lead to new paths of thinking and hence, new solutions. Warren Berger joins me to tell us all about beautiful questions.

Warren Berger is a journalist, speaker, and the author of the books A More Beautiful Question, and The Book of Beautiful Questions. Starting out as a journalist, Warren quickly realized the importance of asking the right questions, but it was revolutionary when he understood the significance of questioning in everything else that we do.

Our society has conditioned us to spend too much time on the answer and not the question, but if you’re not asking the right questions, you’ll never get the answers you need to move forward. Warren shares more about how you know if you’re asking the wrong questions or the beautiful questions, and why questions need to be grounded in honesty and curiosity. We also examine the barriers that keep us from engaging in questioning and keep us stuck to the status quo — fear, knowledge, and time. There are so many layers of rules and assumptions that prevent people from getting to the real thought-provoking questions, but Warren has just the strategies that can help you break free of them. Tune in to learn how you, too, can start asking beautiful questions.


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