Do you look at kids and think, “they are so naturally creative?” Yet somehow as adults, we’ve lost our way, and most of us would describe ourselves as missing the creative bone that only the select few possess. Interesting that as kids we all have it, yet as adults-only a select few do. Why is this? Well, it’s because creativity, or as we say here at LaunchStreet, being an innovator, is actually a skill we all have, but over the years it gets minimized, ignored, or even taught out of us. My guest today, Shafik Mina believes that not only is everyone creative but that it’s a skill we must teach and foster in our kids so that they develop strong problem-solving, critical thinking, and collaboration skills in the future. And, as he shares, some of the things they do in Crayola Imagine Arts Academy and Mad Science translate into strong leadership.

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Check out both Crayola Imagine Arts Academy and Mad Science. These programs serve an incredibly important role in fostering creativity in tomorrow’s leaders.

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