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Four reasons to guide collaboration.

A question I often get is, “How do I know when I should collaborate and when I shouldn’t?” In our current work-from-home situations, a lot of us may be suffering from collaboration fatigue from being on virtual meetings all the time, which makes us feel like we’re “collaborating” all day long without seeing any real benefit of these meetings. That’s why it is important for us to consider not just when, but how we should be collaborating.


The thing is, we tend to confuse meetings with actual collaboration. However, we need to be thinking about when collaboration is appropriate and how we want to do it. I share an experience I had from working in corporate, and how my team came up with the four reasons we would use to drive our collaboration — to brainstorm, to build, to debate, and to decide. I explain why these four reasons are the keys to knowing when and how we should collaborate in our teams to drive innovative solutions, to problem solve, and to create better outcomes for the team and the organization.

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