Today I’m answering three big questions. First, what’s going on in the world that makes the skill of innovation so essential and sought-after? Second, why have your efforts to be an innovator or drive innovation in yourself, your clients, or teams lead to lackluster or even failed results? Finally, what is this Everyday Innovator™ method and why does this fresh approach to innovation work? I dig into how your paper skills become irrelevant, but the ability to adapt does not. How most innovation initiative silo innovation and demoralize the team. Also, how process-first innovation like design thinking and agile lack engagement and long-term buy-in. Why launching strong doesn’t always work. How a narrow definition of innovation actually hinders innovative thinking and why the Everyday Innovators at LaunchStreet definition of innovation works. I also share how being an Everyday Innovator (and certified coach or leader) helps you differentiate yourself and create value that is own-able and defendable in a cluttered marketplace. I’ll also share how this human-centered innovation approach works and why it gets results you can leverage.  I cover a lot of innovation nuggets in this one.

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