Do you ever feel like you are not just working in your strengths, but actively against them? You are not alone. So many people feel that way. Maybe in school we were told we had to think and work a certain way, and that way didn’t match our way. Or maybe a boss or work environment didn’t allow you to bring your best self. Or perhaps you have been conforming to other people’s ideas of what success looked like and you’ve lost sight of what might work for you? Well, if any of those resonate with you, this is the podcast episode for you. I’m going to dig into how you can rediscover your best self by rediscovering how you think and work, in the way that works for you. Here’s a hint, it links to your unique Everyday Innovator style. Your best work environment begins on the inside, with you! 


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Don’t forget to go get yourself a Hydromate water bottle. As I said, keeping your energy high and your mind and body healthy is foundational to reaching your full potential and being an Everyday Innovator.


This is the book I mentioned, Born To Run. A great read regardless of whether you love or hate running. 

Discover your Everyday Innovator Style

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