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Welcome to a deep dive into your own mind and to unmask your brain’s betrayals. l’m going to delve into the intricate mechanisms that often stand in the way of growth and success, including the powerful change saboteurs lurking within your brain, understanding how they manifest as limiting beliefs, comfort zones, and the fear of success. We’ll explore the psychology of self-sabotage and strategies to break free from these mental traps.


A Few Insights From This Episode:


#1 Thermostat Point: How our internal thermostat and self-perception can act as a set point that either motivates or prevents us from striving for better outcomes.

#2 Limiting Beliefs: Explore the concept of limiting beliefs and how they create a mental ceiling that hinders personal growth.

#3 Two Biggest Fears: The fear of hard work and fear of the unknown are the key factors that keep our thermostat where it is.

#4 Mental Traps: Examine various mental games the brain plays, leading to self-deception, self-sabotage, defensive mechanisms, and a victim mentality.

#5 Mental Residue: Describe how mental residue accumulates from task-to-task creating a heavy, distracted, unfocused brain that influences our habits and routines.

#6 Mental Sewers: The landscape of your brain described and how your habitual beliefs and routines create deep grooves that no longer serve you

#7 Fear of Success: How the fear of success can manifest as self-sabotage, subconscious beliefs, resistance to change, setting low expectations, and underestimating abilities.

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