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What do I do if my team doesn’t have any ideas? Why is my team lacking ideas? — Sound familiar? We live in a time of incredible opportunity to innovate, but your team just isn’t stepping up to innovate, and are rehashing old ideas or just drawing blanks when called to innovate. What’s happening?

There is immense pressure to innovate right now, in these unprecedented times where everything we know has been wiped clean — giving us an amazing opportunity to innovate, but our teams are failing to come up with the ideas we need to seize the opportunities. However, the hurdle isn’t a lack of ideas. The real obstacle we need to overcome is fear at a primal and subconscious level, which comes from experience-stacking.

I explain the concept of experience stacking and why that is a huge contributing factor to creating fear in your team which creates a mental brick wall of fear and inhibits innovation. I also have three strategies that we as leaders can use to get rid of this brick wall and take advantage of all the great ideas that are hiding in plain sight, in your team and your business.

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