5-Day Innovation Igniter Challenge – April 11th


5-Day Innovation Igniter Challenge:
Disruptive Questions to get to Innovative Answers

You bring the challenge, we’ll bring the 5-minute daily innovation activators and together we’ll create a wealth of innovative ideas to solve your stickiest challenges & unearth new opportunities. 

5-Minutes a Day…
5 Days…
A Wealth of Innovation…

Monday:  60- Minute Virtual KickOff and Igniter. We’ll get excited, dig in and create some wins right out of the gate @ 12pm EST Monday April 11th. 

Tuesday: 5-minute Innovation Igniter Video and Activity #1

Wednesday: 5-minute Innovation Igniter Video and Activity #2

Thursday: 5-minute Innovation Igniter Video and Activity #3

Friday: 60-Minute Prioritize, Share & Celebrate. Close out with solutions, momentum and action @ 12pm EST Friday, April 15th

Ongoing: Engage, ask questions, and connect in our private challenge online community

* All virtual sessions and 5-minute innovation igniters will be available on the online challenge site

* all activity downloads are for you to use, keep, re-use and to continue to get value from long after the challenge is over