Innovation Quotient Edge Assessment


satisfaction label It's time to unlock your complete report and discover your Everyday Innovator Style: two Power Triggers that combine to create your innovation advantage and the one Dormant that may be slowing you down.

When you discover your Everyday Innovator style, you:

  • Unleash your stronger, more valued voice.
  • Bring more innovative solutions to your biggest challenges and opportunities
  • Show what your are capable of as you deliver high-value and high-impact
  • Discover the key to staying relevant in complex time

BONUS: When you complete your purchase you'll receive a custom video all about you, at your best!

Important details:

  • Complete your purchase using the SAME EMAIL YOU USED TO TAKE THE ASSESSMENT. Otherwise, we can't link up your results correctly.
  • If you purchase your report and don't receive it within 10 minutes, email us at Every now and again the mischievous SPAM FILTERS hold reports hostage.
  • If you have a COUPON CODE, don't forget to use it!

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