Innovation Quotient Edge: Team Edition

$47.00 per person

Take the first step to building a team of high-performing innovators that have the knowledge and confidence to unlock their innovation advantage

BONUS (with code Tamara at check-out)

  • VIDEO: How to Get Buy-In for Your Ideas (build collaboration, communication, and momentum for your ideas)
  • DOWNLOAD: One-Page Everyday Innovator Personality Worksheet (understand the motivators, drivers, and actions of each style)
  • ACCESS: Everyday Innovators Digital Magazine (get the inspiration, activities, and tools your team needs to put their innovation styles into action daily)

When Your Team Discovers Their Everyday Innovator Style, They: 

  • Unleash a stronger, more valued voice, individually and collectively
  • Create a strong level of trust and respect that leads to powerful teamwork and collaboration
  • Bring more innovative solutions to your biggest challenges and opportunities
  • Understand how to tap the power of the diversity on the team
  • Understand how you can work smarter, not harder every day

Your Team Will Receive Their Custom IQE Reports With:

  • In-depth insights into your two power triggers (wellspring of innovation) that are your competitive edge
  • Deep understanding of your one dormant trigger to shore up or avoid
  • How you perform at your peak, innovate on-demand
  • How you add value, in your unique way
  • Over of all 9 triggers so you understand how you compare to other innovator styles  
  • A custom video all about YOU and how you innovate
  • Learn how your Everyday Innovator style compares to the other innovator styles

In Three Simple Steps Your Team Will:

  • Click on your branded team link
  • Take the IQE assessment online – 5 to 7 minutes to complete
  • Receive their complete custom report by email with their complete Everyday Innovators reports.

Bonuses For Team Leader:

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  • Detailed instructions for immediate, one-step sharing with the team
  • Ability to purchase Innovation Is Everybody’s Business Book at author’s discount, giving your team even deeper insights and actionable tools

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