IQE Pro Facilitator's Guide and Toolkit


Perfect For A Team Leader:

  • Seeking to foster trust, collaboration and innovation with their team 
  • Searching for a toolkit to help them craft an exceptional and valuable team meeting
  • Developing a leadership offsite that requires the team to think differently about where they are headed
  • Looking for a tool to help the team break down the status quo barriers that are keeping them from innovating and adapting to their changing demands
  • On a quest to improve team engagement and morale during tough times


You'll Develop:

  • A high-performing team that recognizes how they innovate, collaborate and win, together
  • A team that recognizes how they show up and perform at their peak and bring the best out in the people around them
  • A group of people that feel valued, heard and sought out  out for their innovative voice and ideas


Your IQE Pro Facilitator's Guide and Toolkit Includes:

  • Preparation, Workshop, Follow Up...


#1  Up to 25 IQE Assessments to send to your team:

  • Each team member receives a custom report with their unique Everyday Innovator style
  • Custom Everyday Innovator Video describing how they innovate and add value delivered directly to each team member
  • The opportunity to buy additional IQEs at the client discount

#2  Custom Team Heat Map of IQE Results to Unlock Your Team’s Innovation Advantage: 

  • Custom visual representation of your team’s results

#3 Facilitator Preparation E-Course

  • Six 5-minute videos prepping you to facilitate create and guide a phenomenal session
  • Video topics include:
    • What is the IQE?
    • How IQE helps you individually unlock your innovation potential
    • How IQE helps build a high-performance team
    • How each style of innovation performs at their peak and ignites innovation
    • How to overcome your dormant triggers that can sabotage you
    • How each style of innovation adds value and causes friction

#4 BONUS: Visual Take-Away For The Team

  • Colorful postcard  template for you to print with each team member's Everyday Innovator Style icons on front and Custom “How I’m Best Leveraged” on the back

#5 60-Minute Team Leader Prep Call with IQE expert

  • Get custom feedback and workshop ideas based on your objectives and team dynamics to ensure you are fully prepared to rock the session


#1 Detailed Workshop Agenda - pdf

o   Includes proven exercises and customization for session lengths of 90 - minute, 3 hours, or half-day

o   Other time frames can also be discussed with Launch Street Team during prep call

#2  Session Facilitator Guide - pdf

o   Includes debrief questions and observations to facilitate conversation and learning

FOLLOW UP (or Follow Through or Sustainable Implementation):

#1 30-Minute Post Session Debrief Call

o   Based on your team and experience, an IQE expert will work with you  to continue to drive innovation and the avoid “Launch and Abandon” trap.