• Move confidently with clarity & creativity for measurable results and stand out innovation. •

• Transform from the challenging commodity game to the easy “no competition” zone. •

• Be irresistible to your customers so they always want what you’ve got. •


Quick high impact video tutorials

Instructional worksheets for easy implementation

Lead innovator Interviews full of nuggets of wisdom

Burst of Innovation Emails:
Innovation prompts delivered weekly

Added value resources and tools

Share best practices, ask questions, get inspired

Discover Your Entrepreneurial Innovator Edge!

Your IQE Custom Report Includes:

  • Your unique Innovator Archetype profile
  • Deep description on how you perform at your peak and add value 
  • Tools for using innovation as your competitive edge
  • Methods for being innovative on demand
  • Intro videos to help you better understand your Innovator Archetype
  • Tools and templates for each of the 9 Innovation Triggers so that you can put your innovation strengths to work for you
  • Each month we add new high value content so that you can continue to be an innovation rock star!’

Lesson 1: Making It Rain

Lesson 2: Defining Your Tribe

Lesson 3: Your Unique Selling Space

Lesson 4: Hawking Your Wares

Lesson 5: Metrics That Matter

Lesson 6: Daily Practice

Lesson 7: Congrats & Building Your Team

Lesson 1: Who’s In Your Tribe

Lesson 2: Customer Pain vs. Symptom

Lesson 3: Rising Above The Competition

Lesson 4: Being Front & Center

Lesson 5: Creating a Defend-able Biz

Lesson 6: Harnessing The Power of Feedback

Lesson 7: No Competition Zone

LaunchStreeters Say:

“Where has the kick ass one-page b-plan been on all my life!”

“Exactly what I needed to get my business out of my head and into the real world”

“Nobody does innovation better. If you want to build a business that rises above the noise, this is the place”

“Tamara’s passion for elevating entrepreneurs shows. She does such a great job of making complex things not only simple but usable.”

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