Begin by creating a Kick-Ass One-Page B-Plan and then move on to the No Competition Zone Course and rock your entrepreneurial life now!

What you get: 

* Real World Blueprint: 12 lessons plus a few bonuses that will help you go further, faster 

* Actionable:  Step-by-step action templates so you stop spinning your wheels and move forward the clarity needed for success

*Rise Above The Noise: Steeped in innovation, this is the only course designed to help you not just build a business, but develop one that rises above the noise of your competition so you can outperform the competition

*Measurable Results: When you implement LaunchStreet programs you get results. Why? Because this blueprint is based on Tamara’s experience and what she’s discovered is the formula for success from the dozens of wildly successful entrepreneurs she’s interviewed on her podcast, Inside LaunchStreet. 


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Quick high impact video tutorials

Instructional worksheets for easy implementation

Lead innovator Interviews full of nuggets of wisdom

Burst of Innovation Emails:
Innovation prompts delivered weekly

Added value resources and tools

Share best practices, ask questions, get inspired

Lesson 1: Making It Rain

Lesson 2: Defining Your Tribe

Lesson 3: Your Unique Selling Space

Lesson 4: Hawking Your Wares

Lesson 5: Metrics That Matter

Lesson 6: Daily Practice

Lesson 7: Congrats & Building Your Team

Lesson 1: Who’s In Your Tribe

Lesson 2: Customer Pain vs. Symptom

Lesson 3: Rising Above The Competition

Lesson 4: Being Front & Center

Lesson 5: Creating a Defend-able Biz

Lesson 6: Harnessing The Power of Feedback

Lesson 7: No Competition Zone

LaunchStreeters Say:

“Where has the kick ass one-page b-plan been on all my life!”

“Exactly what I needed to get my business out of my head and into the real world”

“Nobody does innovation better. If you want to build a business that rises above the noise, this is the place”

“Tamara’s passion for elevating entrepreneurs shows. She does such a great job of making complex things not only simple but usable.”

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