Cost Effective   |   Scalable   |   Actionable

Access to top innovation tools and inspiration 24/7


Micro Learning
At Your Finger Tips
Real World Application
In The Moment When You Need It
Easy To Implement
Bite Size Resources
Front and Center
Unlimited Access

Quick high impact video tutorials

Instructional worksheets for easy implementation

Lead innovator Interviews full of nuggets of wisdom

Burst of Innovation Emails:
Innovation prompts delivered weekly

Added value resources and tools

Share best practices, ask questions, get inspired

LaunchStreet OnDemand 

Teams get:

  • On-the-go micro-learning with video lessons that pack a punch of information in under 3 minutes each. Emails delivered weekly so innovation stays top of mind.
  • 24/7 access to all the innovation tools, resources and interviews so that your team can access what they need in the moment they need it. A meeting, a challenge they are facing, an idea they are creating, LaunchStreet tools are at your fingertips.
  • Interviews with top innovators across a range of industries and leading entrepreneurs to provide your teams with fresh thinking and innovation insights from the best out there. 

Leaders get:

  • Ease: Our micro lessons provide an easy way to deliver an innovation platform across a range of virtual and digital mediums.
  • Value: Cost effective yet packed full of content rich resources so that engagement and usage is high.
  • Scalable: We strive to deliver a platform and content that can be used across your organization so that innovation becomes more than a point-in-time exercise.
  • Difference: See the difference as your teams perform at their peak and bring more innovative thinking and ideas to your biggest business challenges and opportunities.

Organization gets:

  • Mindset Shift: Move innovation past a point-in-time exercise to an ongoing mindset everyone continues to use. Unleash and keep people thinking in an innovative mindset. 
  • Behavior: Change in mindset equals a change in behavior. Regularly apply thinking to solve your biggest challenges and most exciting opportunities.
  • Culture: Create a culture where innovation becomes your competitive advantage in a hyper-competitive marketplace. 


Launch Streeters Say:

“Micro-learning format that packs a big punch. It’s been a challenge to find programs that we can all use and access easily without long trainings and missed work time. LaunchStreet is it. Everyone can get it, get out and apply innovation to work. It’s a game-changer for us”

“This has transformed my teams from high potential to high performance. Incredible!”

“LaunchStreet is more than a collection of tools. It’s actually helped my teams shift their mindset and realize that innovation is something they can use to tackle everything they do.”

“LaunchStreet is our secret weapon that’s helping us stay ahead of the curve or as Tamara says – create our own curve!”

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