Should I Get a Woman Keynote Speaker?


You know you want a keynote speaker for your event. But should you choose a woman or a man speaker? And what qualities do I look for in a speaker? We’ll take a look at these questions and more.

To be a great motivational speaker, you must be confident, emphatic, a good storyteller, and able to connect with an audience. Plain and simple. Can both men and women possess these skills needed to motivate an audience? Of course! All it takes is determination, spirit, and tenacity.

Do I Really Need a Keynote Speaker?

Here are five questions you should ask before hiring a keynote speaker for your next business event. Your answers to these questions will help determine what type of speaker you need:

  1. What type of keynote speaker would your business event need?
  2. Who’s your audience?
  3. Does the keynote speaker’s expertise fit what we’re looking for?
  4. What is the keynote speaker’s experience?
  5. What is the keynote speaker’s takeaway?

Meet Tamara Ghandour

LaunchStreet’s very own Tamara Ghandour is an everyday innovator, business owner and change leader, making her a sought after woman keynote speaker. She has a unique ability to make innovation accessible and tangible for everyone. Tamara is not only the creator of the Innovation Quotient Edge (IQE) assessment and host of the popular business podcast — Inside LaunchStreet, she’s the president of LaunchStreet Consultancy, an author, and with over 25 years of business experience, she has helped thousands unlock their power of innovation.

What Makes Her A Sought After Speaker

Tamara has developed the IQE assessment and tools through a combination of neuroscience, brain mechanics, behavioral and social psychology and experience. She teaches people how to bring out their unique style of innovation so they can bring out the best in themselves and those around them. She teaches teams how to be cohesive with their innovations and with each other. She tells them that brainstorming sucks, and how to change it as well as how to stay relevant as technology takes over and why you shouldn’t say “outside the box” to your team.

Founded by Tamara, LaunchStreet is the innovation partner for companies like Arrow Electronics, Schneider Electric, Disney, Red Robin, US Army Research Labs, and others. Her IQE system has helped organizations of all sizes realize their innovation capabilities and how to apply it every day.

Choosing a Good Keynote Speaker

Whether you choose a woman or man as your keynote speaker, there are a few things to keep in mind when searching for the perfect speaker. First of all, do your research. It’s important to find someone that can understand the audience as well as capture the meeting’s objective. You want them to be able to set the tone for the meeting, whether it’s an academic conference, political rally or a corporate function. Look for a speaker that has a well-known personality in that sphere. As always, be sure whomever you choose is clear as to what is expected of them and from them as a keynote speaker.