Start your team down the path to innovation and increased success by taking the Innovation Quotient Edge assessment as a team.


Start your innovation team building with the Team IQE assessment.

Learn how the nine power triggers combine to create the unique innovator archetypes of each person on your team.  Then, learn how each archetype works together. Once you do, you'll be able to unleash the collective strengths of your team and start:

  •  Reaching Peak Performance: Transform from a group of individuals to a high-performance team.
  • Taking Innovation Beyond: Teams move from the excitement phase to daily implementation and set their company up to win.
  • Motivating and Succeeding: Teams not only get a motivation kickstart, they also get the right tools to innovate and succeed.
  • Building a Fantastic Culture: A culture of innovation is where it's at. It's a culture that shows up every day, not just at the kickoff or the 3 p.m. brainstorm.
  • Creating Commonalities: Eliminate organizational silos by using the innovation toolbox  which gives teams a common language and access to the same tools.


Larger teams, please contact us for group pricing.

Customizable Team Innovation Options

DIY Package

Lead your team with our innovation tools. 

Keynote Speaking

Meet with Tamara in person or via a conference call for inspiration and tools to apply immediately.

Team Workshops

Bring everyone together and make a serious impact with your team by booking a half-day workshop.

We're here to help you determine which innovation team building option makes the most sense for you and your team.
Shoot us an email or give us a call. We can't wait to hear about your unique needs.

Other Training Program Options

Keynote Speaking

Need an innovation shot in the arm? That's just what Tamara Ghandour Kleinberg delivers. Invigorating. Engaging. Inspirational.

Online, On-Demand Training

Effective online innovation training built for busy professionals.
On their time frame. At their fingertips.