The role of a change agent – why you should be a change artist instead


The so-called experts out there talk about getting people to bring game-changing ideas to their next meeting or rattle the cages of status quo. They talk about creating change agents out of everyone. Let me ask you a question. What is the role of a change agent? More importantly: does that sound like something even achievable? No, it doesn’t. What it sounds like is a recipe for failure.
In fact, what I’ve seen in my 20-plus years of innovation, is that organizations that expect their teams to fill the roll of change agents leaders, are frustrated that their teams don’t live up to expectations and people inside the organization are frustrated because they’re given an unrealistic expectation. So, of course they fell short. 

Here’s the hard truth, we don’t need more change agents, we don’t need more people manufacturing change.

There is enough change out there, the marketplace is in a constant state of change. Technology changes on us daily, our customer’s needs evolve, the competition changes. Waves of change hit us every day. We don’t need take on the roll of a change agent, adding more to that, it’s unrealistic and it’s not helpful. Here’s why you should be a change artist rather than a change agent. 
Truly successful innovators recognize what we need to become what I call change artists. Change artists take the change, the trends that are already happening, and mold it into something amazing. The key to being a change artist is to always have your eyes open and always be looking. You may not see it now, but, once you open your eyes, you’ll see it all around you. The second thing in becoming a change artist is to shift your perspective on change. It’s very easy to see change as a hindrance or roadblock to our goals. But, here’s the thing, it’s not. It’s predictable, it’s an opportunity. Change can be your greatest asset when you start to think like a change artist. 

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Change agents are overrated, be a change artist instead…