Tools To Build A Culture Of Innovation In My Team – Reward behaviors, not outcomes

How do I build a culture of innovation?

Hey Tamara here. Time to answer another one of your great questions that just came in. The question is:

How do I foster a culture of innovation when half of the stuff we try fails?

Yea, it is so hard as leaders to reconcile this challenge of I want people to be more innovative, I want them to take more risks on one hand yet, on the other hand, failure’s not really accepted in my organization. It’s hard to deal with, even when leaders say it is, none of us like to fail. That’s not really an acceptable outcome.

Here’s the thing though, if you are focusing on failures and outcomes, you’re already too late to foster a culture of innovation. You need to focus on the behaviors, not the outcomes. What do I mean by that? Rewarding people for speaking up in a meeting when it’s the risky thing to do, for having that innovative plan that’s gonna carve new paths. You gotta get to the behaviors, the outcomes are going to happen regardless, you’re gonna fail, you’re going to succeed. But if you can focus on the behaviors that you’re looking for, people coming up with new ideas, people submitting new ideas, people pushing the envelope of what’s possible, you will create that culture of innovation.

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