Don’t Try To Motivate Me With What Works For You

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Ways to Motivate Others

What motivates you, might not motivate others. In fact, it’s more likely that what motivates you doesn’t motivate others. Here are some things to consider when you’re trying to motivate others – either the individuals on the team you lead or other teammates you work closely with.

Framing the project or task

First off, don’t try to motivate me with what works for you. For instance, if you tell me the project I’m about to work on will help me connect with others and dig into problems, I’m mildly in. But, if you frame it as an opportunity to be bold and chart new territory with new solutions I am TOTALLY IN!

Everybody gets jazzed about stuff in different ways, even when it’s the same project, so framing a project or task really does matter. It’s one way to motivate others that works quite well and doesn’t take a whole lot of additional effort.

Different teammates have different motivators.

For years, we’ve studied what motivates people, specifically what motivates them to be more innovative. And over those years, we’ve discovered that people are motivated by different things. For instance:

I’m a Risk Taker – Experiential. I’m motivated by bold opportunities and the ability to build something.

Laura, our Business Manager at LaunchStreet, is a Collaborative-Tweaker. Building connections with others and problem-solving motivate her.

When I go to Laura with a new task, I make sure to find ways that allow her to work with others. I also go to her with sticky challenges. These challenges motivate her to dig in and figure out how to solve them. She gains a lot of satisfaction from not only solving these problems but also through the process of solving them.

Here’s a recent real-world example from our team meetings:

“Laura, we need to find a way to better track inquiries so we can see not just what we are working on but how we can track them through the process. Here’s my start to it but I can’t figure out how to make it work. Can you figure this out? You may want to talk to Josh and Kory about how they might approach the challenge too.”

In 24 hours we had a tracking system up and running that we still use today.

And Laura’s only one example.

One of my business partners who manages our digital marketing is an Instinctual-Collaborative. Connecting the dots in his work and building new connections with people and information motivates him. Whenever we meet up, I’m sure to always give him a chance to flex those innovation muscles.

Learn what motivates each team member

When we work with teams inside organizations, we get to know how we each one of them works best and they get to know how each other works best. To do this, we use our IQE PRO INNOVATION TOOLKIT. Each person discovers their Innovator Archetype and gets access to the tools that help them understand what motivates them best in order to ignite innovation daily. When they have these tools, they not only understand themselves better but feel empowered to work better with others and solve challenges.

Specific Archetype Motivators

This chart gives you a high-level overview of what motivates different Innovator Archetypes. Knowing these about yourself and each other gives you the power to engage each other deeply.


IQE Trigger








Risk Taker





Building Something

Creating Clarity

Future Plans

Creating Novel

Uncovering Things

Finding Connections

Bold Opportunities


When you discover your team’s Innovator Archetypes and the motivators that go hand-in-hand with them, you’ll engage your team’s high-performance innovation potential.


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