Roll call for all my Everyday Innovators out there that know the real truth that most innovation “experts” don’t want you to know…

#1 Being innovative is universal, we all have it in us. However how we innovate is unique to each of us (we all have a particular set of strengths and weaknesses). The science and my research proves it.

#2 Innovation is not always about disruption, blue skies, break the mold thinking. Some of the best breakthroughs come from rearranging the box you have or thinking differently about what’s right in front of you.

#3 Accessing your innovative mind isn’t magical or accidental. You don’t have to wait for lightening to strike to have an aha moment. Being an Everyday Innovator that ignites innovation is highly repeatable, if you know how.

#4 Being innovative isn’t for the select few with pink streaks in their hair or cool people with cool titles. It’s for everyone. In fact being an Everyday Innovator is a muscle you can strengthen. With the right fuel and exercise you can be your best, most innovative self all day, every day.

#5 Research hows that people that get into the zone, aka tap their zone of genius, are 5xs or 500% more focused, productive and innovative! That’s a huge competitive advantage for all of us!

I’m so tired of this false narrative out there making people feel like innovation isn’t for them or takes a lot of resources to make happen. It’s not magical, it’s the Everyday Innovators method and it works for all of us.