What is Innovation Training

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Have you ever wondered what it means to be innovative and how you can achieve it? Or maybe you are already an innovator but would like some additional training for yourself or your team?

If you ask 100 people their definition of innovation, you’ll get 100 answers. Let me define innovation in a way that is empowering to all and tangible to put into action. At LaunchStreet, we define innovation as the following:

 Thinking differently about what’s right in front of you to create an advantage.

When you understand the real definition of innovation, and provide some innovation training, you can transform your team into innovators.

But what is innovation training and how does it work? Innovation training enhances your creative potential while developing your understanding of innovation practices and applying them in your everyday work life. You’ll develop your business skills and strategies and you’ll learn new, career advancing talents. Innovation training can also help create team cohesion.

Innovation Quotient Edge Assessment (IQE)

How do I become an innovator? Well, it all starts with using Launchstreet’s Innovation Quotient Edge Assessment, or IQE. In less than five minutes, you can find out your own unique Everyday Innovator style while showing you how to be the best person you can be. You’ll learn if you’re Futuristic + Imaginative or maybe you’re a Risk Taker + Fluid or one of the many other Everyday Innovator Styles.

Once you know you’ve taken the IQE and know what type of innovator you are, you’ll be ready for innovation training. There are six basic classes for innovation training. We’ll go over each of these briefly.

Classes 1-2 The Neuroscience and Becoming a High-Performing Innovator

During innovation training, you’ll learn how your brain is wired as well as how this can help or hurt you. Unearth and overcome your resistors to unlock your innovator and understand how to get into a state and flow of innovation. These are the stepping stones that’ll help you become a high-performing innovator.

Classes 3-4 Learn the Real Definition of Innovation and How to Leverage it to Your Advantage

Find out the real definition of innovation and what makes it actionable and build a common language for collaboration while unlocking your best voice and greatest worth. You’ll also begin to understand how you can cause friction or add value to innovation.

Classes 5-6 Create a High-Performing Team of Innovators and Sustain a Culture of Innovation

Learn the elements of a high-performing innovative team. Tap into the power of the diversity of thinking around you while understanding how to deal with the different types of thinkers, including legacy thinkers to change leaders. By the end of the training, you’ll be able to identify the behaviors and drives of innovation and how to set reasonable expectations so that efforts don’t get killed too early.

Launchstreet offers these classes online. As a bonus and incentive, if 10 or more people on your team register, you’ll receive a private Q&A session with Tamara.