People often ask me, “What problems do we help organizations solve and why does the Everyday Innovator method work?”

The answer is simple:

Problems we have helped solve:

#1 Stagnant Innovation Pipeline: Companies struggle with generating new and impactful ideas, leading to a lack of innovation and competitiveness in the market. LaunchStreet’s Everyday Innovator method unlocks creative potential, revitalizing the innovation pipeline.

#2 Low Employee Engagement: A disengaged workforce leads to decreased productivity, higher turnover rates, and poor overall performance. Our approach transforms organizational culture by fostering a sense of ownership, permission and motivation among employees, at all levels.

#3 Inefficient Collaboration: Teams often face challenges in working effectively together, resulting in siloed efforts and missed opportunities. We ignite the collective power of human capital, enhancing collaboration and driving cohesive team performance.

#4 Resistance to Change: Organizations frequently encounter resistance when implementing new strategies, decisions, technologies, hindering progress and adaptation. The Everyday Innovator method equips individuals with the mindset and tools to embrace change, facilitating smoother transitions and even opening up new opportunities.

#5 Lack of Competitive Differentiation: Companies struggle to stand out in a crowded marketplace, risking loss of market share. Our method helps identify and leverage the power of diversity of thinking and uncover unique points of differentiation, creating a distinct competitive advantage in a changing marketplace.

Why it works is also simple:

The Everyday Innovator method accelerates innovation and growth by unlocking each individual’s innate zone of genius and igniting the collective power of the team’s human capital. By focusing on human-centered innovation, we elevate people and transform organizational cultures, driving sustainable success.

I’m so proud of the work we do!