What’s the Difference Between Marketing a Product and a Service – There is None

What’s the Difference Between Marketing a Product and a Service – There is None

People often ask me “what’s the difference between marketing a product and a service?” It drives me bonkers every single time I get it. So, I’m in this meeting about innovation and we’re talking about the pipeline and they said to me well what’s the difference though between products and service innovation? Because we’re a service and we’re very unique. Here’s the thing. It doesn’t matter if you’re a product or service – it’s all the same. At the end of the day it is about, is there a human on the other end who is willing to open up their wallet and pay for what you’ve got. Is what you’re providing, whether it’s a widget or a service, something that you do, worthy of their money.
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Doesn’t matter if it’s their personal money or their corporate budget. Product and service, it’s the same. Is what you do of value and is it worth money? So, if you’re out there with a service thinking I can’t learn from that, that’s a product or if you’re out there with a product saying I can’t learn from that because it’s a service. Get over it. It’s all the same. It’s about providing meaningful value that someone will pay for.

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Marketing a product or a service – it’s all the same…





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