Why is my voicemail full of requests for our fractional Innovation and Performance Officer service?

I’ve experienced a significant rise in the demand for the bottom line benefits of developing a culture of innovation, generating meaningful and timely ideas, and the ability to adapt to industry change without the risk, cost, or uncertainty of a full time hire without a proven method.

And, without wasted hours on webinars and lost dollars on courses that are generic.

Here’s what clients are telling me about why their demand for fractional innovation and performance officers and our Everyday Innovator method is skyrocketing:

** Mediocre Performance from Top Talent: Organizations are realizing their greatest asset – employees – aren’t reaching their full potential, leading to missed opportunities, stagnant growth, even resistance.

**Massive Opportunities Left Untapped: Businesses are waking up to the fact that they’re leaving massive opportunities on the table, and need a strategic push to seize them before the competition does.

**Change Requires Training: Making change a skill is essential, and it takes focused training and leadership to embed this capability within the workforce.

**Innovation as a New Language: Innovation is the new language of success, yet most companies don’t speak it in a sustainable and scalable way. They need guidance to foster a culture of continuous improvement and creativity.

** Initiative Fatigue: Leaders are realizing that the key to success in today’s marketplace isn’t about yet another innovation initiative, change management, or process for people to “not” follow, it’s about people. If you teach the people, the work will take care of itself.

Im curious, what challenges is your organization facing that could benefit from a stronger culture of innovation?

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