You white knuckle…


You double down…


You do what feels right…


In fact, you joined that program, challenge or course that promised the world, and still didn’t get results.


Or the results you got didn’t last.


Let me tell you, Teami…

I’ve done every program, course and challenge out there…


Programs for weight loss and fitness…not a pound lost


Courses for professional development…didn’t get me very far


Mini-Courses to transform my mindset…nope, same thoughts rattling around


Challenges promising to show me how to achieve my big business goals…missed the mark completely


All I got was a lot of notebooks of methods and to-dos that didn’t really work for me.


And a feeling of failing. 


So why is it when you have the desire to shift something in your work and life, these courses, programs and challenges still don’t work? 


Why do they leave you not much further than when you started?


Well, Teami, I’ve analyzed them all and I can confidently say,

it’s not YOU, it’s THEM.


I know, that’s a bold statement.


Let me break it down for us both so you can avoid wasting any more time, money and energy in programs, courses and challenges that don’t work:


#1 No Customization:What works for one doesn’t work for everyone, and probably not you.


Most of these programs take one person’s experience and ask us all to follow their exact path. While that path may have some good nuggets of wisdom in it, it’s not your path. You spend the entire course trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. That never works. 


#2  All or None Approach: They never take advantage of the most powerful results builder – compounding impact.


Instead of building a course or challenge where each day builds on the experiences and results of the prior days, they treat each day, each exercise, and each session as distinct. The program is accidentally designed to get minimal results. No connection, no compounding, means you don’t build or progress. Creates mediocre outcomes.


#3 All Talk, No Action: All your time is spent mapping, planning, thinking, and then thinking some more.


This creates more analysis paralysis than progress. It creates more backwards momentum as you regurgitate the same ideas. You want a program that moves you forward, not backward or keeps you in place. That’s pointless! 


#4 Point-in-Time Experience: It’s built to only work when you are actively in the program, course or challenge, not after when life hits and when you need it most.


Basically, when you aren’t giving them money, you aren’t getting results. That doesn’t seem fair. No thank you! I want a roadmap I can always turn to and results that last.


#5 Still Using Yesterday’s Roadmap: What got you here, won’t get you there! Yet, most programs, courses and challenges are using antiquated methods.


The world has changed and you have changed so why are you using yesterday’s methods? The new world requires new thinking. To get from point A to point B requires a new path. Yesterday’s thinking and methods only have you spinning your wheels in place. That’s exhausting. 


So there you go, it’s not YOU, it’s THEM.


I’ve heard from so many of you about your frustrations with the programs, courses and challenges you sign up for and I’m with you! 100%


Don’t beat yourself up about it.


Instead think about how to add more of what will work for you, and remove the things that don’t.


Percolate on how you can shift your thinking and hence, shift your outcomes.


Think about how you can tap your inner Everyday Innovator® and unlock the brilliance inside of you. 


With the right mindset and roadmap, you’ll unlock the ideas, opportunities and confidence you’ve been searching for.


I’m thinking a lot about this as I put the final touches on the June 21-Day Breakthrough Challenge.

I promise to beUNCOMPROMISING in making sure this program works for you by being:


#1 Completely Customizable to You – based on how your brain works. Your Innovation Quotient Edge® assessment results determine your breakthrough roadmap. We want you to be your best self, not change to be someone else.


#2 Creates Compounding Results –  every day builds on the last, creating exponential growth


#3 Right Mix – balances planning, brainstorming and action for optimal results and an exceptional experience


#4 Built to Last – impact during and after the challenge is complete for continued progress and value


#5 Create Shifts – provides you with tailored activities and actions that will help you think differently about what’s right in front of you to create an advantage. 


Here’s to setting yourself up for success, with more ease and velocity! – Tamara