My kids totally busted me. I was sitting on the couch watching infomercials when they walked in the room. This isn’t the first time. 


I admit it, I’ve always loved infomercials. Not because I buy the products. Not because the “but wait there’s more” is so fun to hear. And definitely not because of their low budget production.


I love infomercials because they are the embodiment of innovation and it helps me solve my own problems. One Everyday Innovator’s idea on how to solve a problem. One random person that decided to spend the time to solve an everyday frustration. Shredding chicken with a fork takes too long so someone came up with the red shredder. Carrying your baby around hurts your back and your hips. No problem, how about an adjustable baby seat you wear. Can’t get that hose to wrap up neatly after watering the lawn? Well now you can buy that self coils. 


Watching infomercials is like watching creative problem solving at its best. It’s innovation in action. It’s human ingenuity in an entertaining format. 


When I watch infomercials I begin to think differently about the problems in my life. It sparks new ideas. 


So go ahead and watch infomercials, scroll tiktok, and check out an episode of Shark Tank. If you are at the drugstore be sure to stop by the “As Seen on TV” aisle. It’s full of wondrous products you didn’t know you needed.


Find one you think does a brilliant job of solving a problem. Then ask yourself what that product did so well and what you can learn from it. How can the insights from deconstructing this product help you solve a problem you face?


I’ve had some of my best ideas this way.