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Reframe Your Thinking to Find Big Opportunities with Eli Harris

Episode 1990

Here’s the real deal, the past two years have been filled with unexpected challenges and obstacles. For some it led to exponential growth, and for others it meant having the rug pulled out from underneath them. In these situations what has always inspired me are people that even against the odds find new opportunities to…

Learning Through Listening with Everyday Innovator Jennifer Beechen

Episode 1989

As the vice president of marketing at Champion Petfoods, and Acana Dog Food, the only dog food specifically for rescue dogs,  Jennifer Beechen knows what it takes to build innovative products that make a meaningful difference.  She is a shinning example of learning through listening and collaboration, the power of “love letters” in your business…

Learning to Play Big with Connie Warden

Episode 1988

In this series I interview ordinary people doing extraordinary things. People like you and me out there innovating, influencing and making an impact. Today, Everyday Innovator Connie Warden shares with us how she had to learn to play big, stay curious and differentiate herself in an authentic way in the wellness space which is cluttered…

The Power of Movements to Navigate and Create Change with Greg Satell

Episode 1987

In your lifetime you’ve probably experienced the power of a movement. Maybe you saw it on the news in a political movement. Perhaps in a cultural shift. When a majority of people with a singular focus take power, amazing things can happen. But, have you ever thought about how to leverage the power of a…

Your Attachment to the Wrong Emotions Is Stifling Your Success

Episode 1986

It’s easier to be attached to the things we know, even when they aren’t good for us than to deal with the fear and discomfort of the unknown. At least it used to be for me. In this episode, I share my experience about being attached to the wrong emotions, the ones that weren’t serving…

Keep Your Customers Coming Back with Shep Hyken

Episode 1985

One of the most important aspects of any business is your customers. Not just getting customers, but keeping them. In fact, most failed businesses spend a lot of time and money on acquiring new customers but not a lot of energy on keeping them. Showing your customers some love is a great place to innovate…

Fear, Comfort, and Constraint

Episode 1984

Do you ever feel like you are having an internal war between your head and your heart? Between moving forward and standing still? Between your comfort zone and your growth zone? If the answer is yes, you are not alone. So many of us struggle with this continual battle between what we know we want…

The Power of Emotional Leadership with Kevin Allen

Episode 1983

Emotionally intelligent leadership, understanding what makes you stand out, mindset, and approach to creating ground-breaking work. These are just a few of the things my guest Kevin Allen and I discuss. Kevin has had a wildly successful career both creating advertising campaigns that changed industries and leading teams to great success. He is the embodiment…

What Kids Teach Us About Creativity, Problem Solving and Collaboration with Shafik Mina

Episode 1982

  Do you look at kids and think, “they are so naturally creative?” Yet somehow as adults, we’ve lost our way, and most of us would describe ourselves as missing the creative bone that only the select few possess. Interesting that as kids we all have it, yet as adults-only a select few do. Why…

How to Deal with Difficult People with Jonno White

Episode 1981

Today’s episode is going to help you avoid being derailed by difficult people who stall or slow down your work. Whether you like it or not, you will lead, manage or be on a team with difficult people. Aside from being annoyed, what do you do? What I’ve learned in my 25 plus years of…