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Six Soft Skills of Success

Episode 1975

Soft skills are not your technical skills that show up as a bullet point on your job description. They are the interpersonal or behavioral skills you actually rely on to do your job, live life, and get ahead. The ones that are hard to track but are equally, or more important. In fact, I’d argue…

Your Best Work Environment Begins On The Inside, With You

Episode 1974

Do you ever feel like you are not just working in your strengths, but actively against them? You are not alone. So many people feel that way. Maybe in school we were told we had to think and work a certain way, and that way didn’t match our way. Or maybe a boss or work…

How to be Indistractable with Nir Eyal

Episode 1973

Did you know only 10% of distractions come from your external world? The dings, the pings, the beeps, the pop up messages…only 10%. As Nir Eyal and I talk about, the real distractions come from what he calls internal triggers, or uncomfortable emotions we are trying to avoid. That’s why we are busy, but not…

Soft Skills Take You From Unprepared to Unstoppable with Elan Divon

Episode 1972

Imagine for a moment that your mind is like the music playlist on your phone. Yet in this case, you didn’t add the songs. They were put there by your parents, siblings, bosses, neighborhood, teachers, etc. As my guest, Elan Divon shared with me, this playlist becomes your beliefs and behaviors, and it’s often what…

The Power of the Pause

Episode 1972

In a culture that rewards busyness, many of us have lost site of how important it is to pause. Science and studies show that pausing is actually one of the most productive things you can do. In fact research shows that for optimal performance we need both times of intense work and times of recovery….

Why the Everyday Innovators Method Works and Others Don’t

Episode 1971

Today I’m answering three big questions. First, what’s going on in the world that makes the skill of innovation so essential and sought-after? Second, why have your efforts to be an innovator or drive innovation in yourself, your clients, or teams lead to lackluster or even failed results? Finally, what is this Everyday Innovator™ method…

How to be Productive but not Busy with Dave Ruel

Episode 1970

We glorify being busy and declare anyone that isn’t double booked and overworked a slacker. But what if being busy isn’t only the wrong benchmark of success, what if it’s also working against you? Author of Done By Noon, Dave Ruel, and I talk about how to reframe your mindset around productivity and being busy,…

Avoid Exhaustion with this Quick Tip

Episode 1969

As I sit here on this Thursday afternoon I find myself more exhausted than usual. At first I thought it was the heat and a few late nights, but as I started to reflect I realized something else was going on. This week has been full of tasks that require building and creating new things….

7 Simple and Innovative Steps To Get Unstuck

Episode 1968

It sucks to be stuck. You can be stuck in a big way, spinning your wheels and having no idea what to do next, or feeling so foggy you can’t even see what’s next. Or, you can be stuck in a lot of small ways, or in parts of your work and life. This usually…

It’s Time to Talk about Race at Work with Kelly McDonald

Episode 1967

A key element of a high-performing team is recognizing, respecting, and leveraging the diversity of thinking on your team. In this episode, I interview Kelly McDonald about how to create a workplace that fosters inclusion, recognizes diversity as a strength, and cover some important “how-tos” from her newly released book, It’s Time to Talk about…