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Conversations with Everyday Innovators that reject the status quo, think differently, and make a positive difference in their world. No blah blah “experts” hawking their hypothetical BS here. These are real people, real experiences, and real results.  Tamara and her guests bring a fresh approach to innovation, making it accessible to everyone, at any time. This podcast is for people that know that life is too crowded, cluttered, and competitive to be mediocre, and are ready to ignite innovation, influence others, and make a massive impact by tapping the power of their innovative minds. 




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Making Innovation Tangible And Results Driven With Anthony Lambatos

Episode 1777

  Small Incremental Movements Can Help to Make it Better Every Day Part one of my conversation with Anthony Lambatos, President of Footers and IQE Partner. We do things a little differently for this episode. Anthony and I go deep into how to make innovation tangible. He shares how the rewards programs, voluntary committees, and…

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Using Structure To Foster Innovation, Not Hinder Innovation with Michael Arena

Episode 1775

  Structure and Innovation Work Hand in Hand Structure and innovation — can they work hand in hand? Can a big company teach us more entrepreneurial spirits about innovation? Michael Arena, Chief Talent Officer at General Motors talks about just that. He shared how he thinks differently about his work and what GM does to…

Inside LaunchStreet Magdalena Yesil

How To Be a Power Player In The New Economy with Magdalena Yesil

Episode 1774

  Playing the Game With the Delicious “F” You Attitude Yesterday someone asked me, “Tamara what are the rules of the new economy?” I get that question a lot. How do you get ahead? How do you become seen as a power player in your work? With that question in mind, I had Magdalena Yeşil…

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How To Build A Culture Of Experimentation

Episode 1773

Put On Your Badge of Courage and Bring Ideas to Life Do feel like you spend all your time preparing presentations? And even with all that time spent, it feels like none of the ideas you spent all that time of move forward? You aren’t alone. It’s the presentation loop and it’s got to stop….

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Strong Leadership Speaks To The Heart, Not The Head With Art Coombs

Episode 1772

  No One Has Ever Gone the Extra Mile Because of a Sexy Spreadsheet Have you ever wondered why some people are strong managers but some are strong leaders? What’s the difference? And why does having strong leaders foster a culture of innovation and having a strong manager leads to a culture of micro-managers? Fortunately…

Inside LaunchStreet Cathy Brown

How Authenticity Drives Work Engagement with Cathy Brown

Episode 1771

  Don’t Be a FriYaer! Celebrate Monday and the Start of a New Work Week Do you know what’s funny? We talk about employee engagement yet no one ever says, “I feel so engaged today!” That disconnect between what we focus on and how we talk about work got me wondering how do you really…

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Unlock The SuperPowers That Are Already Inside Of You With Mark Henson From SparkSpace

Episode 1770

  Everyone Can Wear A Unique Superhero Mask and Cape Do you ever think to yourself, “I wish I had a super cool super talent” like an athlete or a celebrity? I know I’ve thought that too. Envy sets in and I start to feel inadequate. And that’s why I had Mark Henson, author of…

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Top 4 Innovation Myths That Are Sabotaging Your Efforts

Episode 1769

  How To Escape Innovation Traps When trying to be innovative, do you ever feel like you are just running in place, expending all this energy and not getting anywhere? It could be because you have bought into some of the prevailing innovation myths that are actually sabotaging your efforts. In today’s Q&A session on…

Inside LaunchStreet Billee Howard

How To Thrive In The New Economy With Billee Howard

Episode 1768

Why Purpose is as Important as Product I was sitting in the common area of the WeWork, where we office, and I overheard the most fascinating conversation. They were talking about how they were struggling because it felt like nothing was behind the curtain in business anymore, that the customer wanted to know everything about…

Inside LaunchStreet Jurgen Apello

A Change Model That Will Help You Innovate And Gain The Edge With Jurgen Appelo

Episode 1767

Doing More, Faster, Will Not Keep You Ahead of the Curve Ball The other day, I watched the Defiant Ones on HBO and it got me thinking. Why do some people seem to always be ahead of change while the rest of us are struggling to keep up? What thought process or system do they…