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Conversations with Everyday Innovators that reject the status quo, think differently, and make a positive difference in their world. No blah blah “experts” hawking their hypothetical BS here. These are real people, real experiences, and real results.  Tamara and her guests bring a fresh approach to innovation, making it accessible to everyone, at any time. This podcast is for people that know that life is too crowded, cluttered, and competitive to be mediocre, and are ready to ignite innovation, influence others, and make a massive impact by tapping the power of their innovative minds. 




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Friday Wrap Up – Insights on Going Analog, Resiliency Through Imposter Syndrome, the Unknown and Making Yourself Irrelevant

Episode 2079

This week’s insights are all about  going analog, resiliency through imposter syndrome, the unknown, and making yourself irrelevant. I’m also going the share the cold slap in the face that accelerated my work in human-centered innovation and reminded me to always “fill the gaps.” The Everyday Innovators came for a diverse set of experiences, backgrounds…

Always Looking for a Better Solution with Everyday Innovator David Kon

Episode 2078

  What if you were always looking for a better solution, a better way to do your job or live your life? What if all those little opportunities to innovate added up to create massive impact? My Everyday Innovator, David Kon, shares how he innovates in everything from rearranging his desk to democratizing financial knowledge. He…

Saying Yes to Things That Stretch You with Everyday Innovator Nelly Yusupova

Episode 2077

What if you saw every opportunity to say yes as a chance to grow? What if you viewed technology as a tool that gives you room to innovate? My Everyday Innovator guest, Nelly Yusupova, shares with me how she sees everything that is thrown her way as a chance to grow and stretch. She also…

Knowing Which Levers to Pull to Create Growth with Everyday Innovator Casey Clark

Episode 2076

You could throw a bunch of stuff at the wall and see what sticks, or you could hone in on exactly what you need to do to drive growth. Today’s Everyday Innovator, Casey Clark, shares with me how to find that sweet spot of innovation and growth  and how to ask for help in a…

Making Your Ideas Tangible and Real for Other People with Everyday Innovator Paul Vorreiter

Episode 2075

Have you ever struggled to get your idea across? Or have you had a hard time relating a concept to the people on your team so it gets stalled out or even ignored? Today’s Everyday Innovator, Paul Vorreiter, shares how the times he’s gotten the most buy-in for his ideas are also the times he’s…

Friday Wrap Up – Insights on Letting in a Little Ease, Making Things Tough on Yourself, Never Assuming and Being a Relationship with Reality

Episode 2074

This week’s insights are all about  letting in a little ease, making things tough on yourself, never assuming and being in a relationship with reality. I’m also going the share the 2% to 98% rule and how to join the 5-Day Innovation Challenge. The Everyday Innovators came for a diverse set of experiences, backgrounds and…

The Art of Asking Good Questions with Everyday Innovator Merit Kahn

Episode 2073

It’s one thing to have a great and innovative idea, but it’s a completely different ballgame to be able to communicate it and get buy-in for the idea. Whether you call it persuasion, getting buy-in, or plain old sales, this is something we’re all doing in one way or the other, and we could all…

Learning From Failure so You can Find Success with Everyday Innovator Kyle Murray

Episode 2072

Learning from failure is integral to innovation and success. And it’s best if it’s someone else’s. It’s a free lesson. And that’s exactly what Kyle Murray did with the epic failure back in the day of Crystal Pepsi. He dug deep to understand why it failed and how we can learn the most valuable lessons…

Think Your Way To Happiness and Success with Everyday Innovator Dana Wilde

Episode 2071

 What if I told you that action is NOT the way to be successful? What if I told you that it is possible to be more successful, just by thinking about it? That’s exactly what today’s Everyday Innovator guest, Dana Wilde, has proven in her experience and what’s more — she has the science and…

The Power of Emotional Leadership with Everyday Innovator Kevin Allen

Episode 2070

  Certain skills aren’t taught in school yet they are essential to your success. In fact, I would say that the people I’ve met that have emotional intelligence are successful, regardless of their title, hard skills, or experience. Today’s Everyday Innovator, Kevin Allen, helps us understand what it means to be an emotionally intelligent leader….