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Become an Everyday Innovator in 7 Days

Episode 1966

I challenge you to do three simple tasks a day, for seven days, and watch how you transform into an Everyday Innovator. I promise if you do what I talk about in this podcast, your beliefs, behaviors and actions will all align with your ability to innovate. Here’s the thing, the brain’s number one job…

7 Lessons of 2021

Episode 1965

I find myself constantly saying to people, “I can’t believe it’s June already.” Now that we are just about half way through the year, it’s time to do some reflecting. I sat down and thought about the big lessons I learned in 2021, or lessons that popped back up in my life. Some of these…

The Power of Human-Centered Innovation

Episode 1964

Initiative fatigue, lack of buy-in, an unwillingness to change. This is what I hear from frustrated leaders when they call me to discuss why their innovation efforts are not getting results, or outright failing. You’ve probably experienced it: a new initiative to get innovation off the ground, an innovation process that you are now supposed…

Triggering Flow and Achieving Peak Performance Without Exhausting Yourself with Steven Kotler

Episode 1963

  Flow and peak performance can feel elusive and unattainable. And it can feel like they are only for elite athletes, or those with with life coaches and meditation rooms. But, today’s podcast guest is going to change all that for us, and make flow and peak performance understandable and attainable for all of us….

The Four Traps That May Be Holding You Back

Episode 1962

  Does it ever feel as if your efforts to be an innovator keep meeting extreme resistance? Or have you ever felt like trying to be innovative feels more like an exercise in jumping over unnecessary hurdles? And finally, do you look around you and think, “wow, there are so many hurdles to innovation at…

How To Become An Everyday Innovator

Episode 1961

  Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be natural born innovators, while others don’t seem to have a creative bone in their body? Or have you been under pressure to be more innovative but can’t seem to find the right tools to make it happen in a way that works for you?…

Resistors and Drivers of Change & Innovation

Episode 1960

  Do you remember playing tug-of-war as a kid? It was a game of two teams holding on to either side of a rope, and each team had to try to pull the other over a line down the middle. When it comes to change and innovation, that’s exactly what happens individually, in our teams,…

What It Takes To Build A Successful Business With Paul English

Episode 1959

  Whether it’s putting together the perfect team, experimenting with your messaging, or finding your competitive differentiation, today’s guest has been through it. As the co-founder of Kayak, the top travel site, and founder of Moonbeam, podcast platform, Paul English has incredible experience and insights to share. We even delve into how to be productive…

Cognitive Dissonance is Your Subtle Sabotoger

Episode 1958

  Have you ever held two conflicting thoughts? On one hand you believe you are a strong leader, yet on the other hand you believe you aren’t worthy. Those conflicting thoughts, or beliefs, can cause anxiety, frustration, anger, discomfort and even self-sabotaging behaviors. It’s caused “cognitive dissonance” and it’s the subtle sabotager keeping you from…

Fixing Your Foundation and Gaining Momentum Toward Your Goals

Episode 1957

  Our mindset, our behaviors, and our actions either push us forward towards our goals, or pull us back, and keep us in place. Today’s podcast interview is going to show you how to stack your positive habits, and minimize your negative habits across the 5 foundational areas of your life. My guest, Will Moore,…